Use less. Re-use more.

Our plan that’s built to last

Taking care of our environment and making conscious buying decisions is fundamental to the future of our planet. That’s why Philips Hearing Solutions continues to push our sustainability initiatives forward in line with Philips EcoDesign requirements.

With EcoDesign, Philips is embedding sustainability in our innovation processes so we can reduce our environmental impact across the whole product life cycle. This means we can deliver on our promise of offering innovation that matters to you and our planet.

Our initiatives

The initiatives we have taken so far include:  

  • Introducing 50% recycled materials on parts of our hearing instrument packaging.*
  • Removing plastic in our connectivity packaging and transitioning to FSC-certified materials in 2024.
  • Avoiding the use of harmful and hazardous substances in our packaging by sourcing PVC-free plastic.
  • Introducing recycled material in carrying cases.
  • Optimizing the energy efficiency of the charging system for our rechargeable hearing aids by 2024.

Sustainability at Philips Hearing Solutions is a journey, not a destination, and this is only the beginning.