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Woman placing a Philips HearLink hearing aid in a Philips charger

How much does a hearing aid cost?

  • What does a hearing aid cost?
  • Why do hearing aids cost what they do?
  • What will I get for the price of a hearing aid?
  • Where can I find out the price of a hearing aid?
  • What affects the price of hearing aids?

You may ask yourself the above questions when you’re looking for a new hearing aid or when you are looking for your first-ever hearing aid. We can give you the answers to some of the above questions, but to get the actual price for Philips HearLink hearing aids you need to contact a hearing center that sells Philips hearing aids.

What influences the hearing aid price?

The hearing aid price is based on many factors, including:

  • Technical features
  • Software and connectivity options
  • The type of hearing aid

Your hearing care specialist will tell you which types of hearing aids fit your hearing loss and personal needs when it comes to functionality and style. Your hearing care specialist can also advise you on potential health insurance coverage and financial support available to you, for example, reimbursement schemes. Please contact a hearing care specialist selling Philips HearLink for prices.

You might have hearing loss if you find yourself straining to hear conversations in social situations like in a restaurant.

With Philips HearLink you get best in class technology

Hearing aids are incredibly advanced and very small high-tech computers. There are many components that must work together including:

  • A microphone
  • An amplifier (or a signal processor)
  • A microchip
  • A receiver (also known as a loudspeaker)

And add to this the advanced software technology that enables the best listening experience in both quiet and noisy environments.

Woman on a phone wearing Philips HearLink rechargeable hearing aids

Every Philips hearing aid is designed to greatly improve your hearing experience and help you stay connected to others and the world.

Often one of the biggest difficulties for people with hearing loss  is to communicate in noisy places. And it takes the most groundbreaking technology to provide a high level of hearing improvement also in a noisy environment.

Philips hearing aids have built-in technology making it possible to connect your hearing aid to smart devices such as your TV or smartphone in order to make your life easier. Fitting all of this into a hearing aid smaller than your little finger of course takes a lot of research and development.

Professional fitting and counseling at the hearing center is essential

The hearing care specialist has an important role in your journey to getting hearing aids. They help you choose which hearing aid best fits your hearing loss and needs. The hearing specialist uses specialized equipment to measure your type and degree of hearing loss.


After getting your hearing aids, the hearing care specialist fits them to your hearing loss and ensures they are comfortable. They explain how to manage the hearing aid features to give you the best hearing experience in all environments. Furthermore, you need a follow-up fitting with your hearing care specialist to make sure the hearing aids work as expected.

Am I entitled to financial support that covers the cost of a hearing aid?

You might be able to get financial support to buy your hearing aids.

Some people qualify for local or government funding, while others might be covered by insurance, or other financial reimbursement schemes.

There may be payment plans open to you, which will allow you to spread out or save on the cost of hearing aids.

The best place to find out about financial help for purchasing a hearing aid is to contact your nearest hearing care center and ask there. They will be able to advise you on the types of support available.

Why should I buy hearing aids?

It is nearly impossible to put a price on the missed conversations and connections with your spouse, family, friends and colleagues.

With an untreated hearing loss, you potentially miss out on some of the beautiful and important sounds of life: the laughter of your grandchildren, cheerful birdsong, raindrops falling softly outside your window, your doorbell, the car’s turn signal and the timer on your oven.

Also, untreated hearing loss is linked to other health conditions such as dementia, depression1 and increased risk of trips and falls2. Getting hearing aids can give you an overall improvement in your health and quality of life.

Woman talking on the phone helping a customer.

You get the best possible support – that is our promise to you

When you become a Philips hearing aid user, there is always someone here to help. In addition to getting help and support at your hearing care center, you can find support  with us and contact us anytime. This support comes with no additional charge. We simply want to help you as a Philips HearLink user.

You can follow us on Facebook to get tips and tricks and stay updated on the latest news within Philips Hearing Solutions.

You can find contact information for local support on our website  or you can contact us via Facebook with your questions.