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Philips HearLink miniRITE T R hearing aids next to a smartphone wit the Philips HearLink app open.

Get connected with Philips HearLink

Philips HearLink hearing aids come with a variety of wireless accessories and options. Learn about the connectivity options and how to get started or solve your problems.

Easier with the HearLink app

With the Philips HearLink app you can easily and discreetly control your Philips HearLink hearing aids. Your smartphone becomes your remote control for changing listening programs, adjusting the volume, muting your hearing aids and activating streaming options.

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    Look at your hearing aid battery level or the connection status from your smartphone to your hearing aids.
  • philips_iphone_xs_portrait_space_gray_hearlink_app_screen_ifttt_375_300
    Connect your hearing aids to other devices and web services via IFTTT.
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    With the "Find my hearing aids" function you can track the location of your hearing aids.

Philips HearLink hearing aids portfolio of receiver in the ear RITE and behind the ear BTE styles

Compatibility of HearLink hearing aids

Philips HearLink behind-the-ear styles are Made for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® hearing aids and they are compatible with AndroidTM devices*.

What is IFTTT?

“If This Then That” is a third-party service that automates how your hearing aids, specific home devices, apps and web services work with each other through defined rules.

With the Philips HearLink service on IFTTT, your Philips hearing aids can connect to hundreds of other products and services connected to the cloud. To get started, download the HearLink app, create an account and visit IFTTT to explore the possibilities.

Connectivity accessories

Question mark – find frequently asked questions regarding your Philips HearLink hearing aids here.

Connectivity FAQ

Do you need help with connecting your hearing aids to the app or other accessories?
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Contact us

If you need more information on how to connect your hearing aids to your world or if you have additional questions about our products, please contact us and we will help you.