Healthy Hearing with Philips HearLink helps you stay connected

Copenhagen, Denmark
March 03, 2020

This World Hearing Day, Philips Hearing Solutions is supporting the message from the World Health Organisation: ‘don’t let hearing loss limit you’. By helping you hear well, you can continue to enjoy the connections that make you happy and healthy.

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 3, 2020 – Being able to connect with friends and family is vital for health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, when you have a hearing loss, social interaction tends to get  more difficult. Too many people speaking at once, or background noise encroaching on conversations, makes it exhausting and frustrating to join in. This is why, ensuring you hear well can be life changing.

Every year, the World Health Organisation brings people together to bring attention to hearing loss. This World Hearing Day, WHO will focus on encouraging people with hearing loss to seek timely and effective intervention, delivering the message that you do not have to be limited by the effects of hearing loss.

A recent report that looks at numerous hearing related studies concludes that hearing loss has a major detrimental impact on overall quality of life. This can cause loneliness, social isolation and even depression, and it ultimately affects family and intimate relationships. The report also concludes that by using hearing aids your emotional and physical well-being improve, which has a big positive impact on quality of life.

“With Philips Hearing Solutions we continuously look to improve people’s lives by supporting them to hear better. This helps our hearing aid users to create better connections with their friends and family and understand more so that they can confidently stay active and social,” said Nicolas Le Goff, Director, Audiology, Demant, brand licensee of Philips hearing aids. “We also help users to connect to the technology that is already a part of their lifestyle so that they can also utilise everyday devices such as smartphones to easily communicate with friends, colleagues and loved ones. Our philosophy is that ‘there’s always a way to make life better’, and we hope that this World Hearing Day’s activities will encourage anyone living with a hearing loss, especially if they are feeling lonely or isolated, to take action. Your hearing loss doesn’t need to limit your life.”

If you would like to test your hearing ability to find out whether you should seek further advice from a hearing care specialist, you will find a quick and simple online test on the Philips Hearing Solutions website here.

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With the Philips HearLink hearing aids, we strive to take connected hearing health care to the next level and offer new and exciting solutions within integrated health care services to the benefit of both the professionals and people living with a hearing loss. For more information, visit

A granddaughter holds a teddy bear while sitting on the back of her grandfather who wears Philips HearLink hearing aids. Her mother also reaches out to hold her daughter.
A granddaughter holds a teddy bear while sitting on the back of her grandfather who wears Philips HearLink hearing aids. Her mother also reaches out to hold her daughter.